Upholding the Australian Constitution, Volume 14
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Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference of The Samuel Griffith Society

Menzies Hotel, Carrington Street, Sydney, 14 --16 June, 2002

Copyright 2002 by The Samuel Griffith Society. All rights reserved.


John Stone

Dinner Address
Hon Chief Justice Murray Gleeson, AC
The Birth, Life and Death of Section 74

John Stone
Inroductory Remarks

Chapter One
Professor Geoffrey de Q Walker
The Seven Pillars of Centralism: Federalism and the Engineers' Case

Chapter Two
Dr Nicholas Aroney
The Ghost in the Machine: Exorcising Engineers

Chapter Three
Hon Justice Kenneth Handley, AO
When "Maybe" means "No"

Chapter Four
Professor David Flint, AM
The Republic: Report from Corowa

Chapter Five
Professor John McMillan
Immigration Law and the Courts

Chapter Six
Hon Philip Ruddock, MHR
Immigration Policy and the Separation of Powers

Chapter Seven
Piers Akerman
Immigration Policy, Sovereignty and the Media

Chapter Eight
Hon Justice Lloyd Waddy
Memories of a Monarchist---now a Trappist Judge

Chapter Nine
Dr Stephen Hall
September 11 and International Law

Chapter Ten
Dr Janet Albrechtsen
National Interest versus International Law: The International Criminal Court

Chapter Eleven
Steven Franks, MP (NZ)
Treaty of Waitangi: Only Good Intentions?

Concluding Remarks
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs, GCMG, AC, KBE